Parts List For First (Real) Hack

Hey, everyone. My 2012 MacBook Pro, even with the extra RAM I stuck in there, is finally having trouble keeping up with my music recording needs, so I'm planning a build for my home studio. Recording music with Logic Pro X is the main purpose of the build, but I will also be using Final Cut for editing music videos and some YouTube video essays.

I attempted to run MacOS on an old Toshiba laptop about 8 years ago using a Beast tool, which I did get running, but not very well. I want to do this the right way this time and with all the new stuff (like OpenCore) since I've dabbled in the Hackintosh world, I'd like to have a little guidance from you guys.

Here's the list of parts I came up with through the resources I found on the sub:

CPU: Intel Core i9

GPU: AMD Radeon RX 5500

Motherboard: Asus Prime Z390-A

WiFi Card: YOUBO BCM94360CD

Hard Drive: Samsung EVO 2TB SSD

RAM: 32 GB Crucial RAM

Will these parts all work together?

Are there any known issues with anything here working together running Opencore, and if so any suggested substitutions?

Besides the case, is there anything I'm missing for a completely functional build?

Thanks for your help!

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