My Experience swapping from Clover/Catalina to OC/Big Sur

Hello /hackintosh/. I’m a hackintosh user since 2009 era with Chameleon, and I’ve seen literally the whole evolution in this world. For the last 6 years I’ve been using Clover as my main bootloader, and last week I decided to do something that needed me some work to do: migrating to OpenCore.

My device: Lenovo IdeaPad 700-15ISK 6700HQ, HD 530 (2048MB allocation on macOS), 1TB NVMe, 16GB DDR4 I had a pretty dirty configuration (tho it was stable), and I wanted to try out a better vanilla solution.

Then I started going through the OpenCore official guide. Guys. Literally. That guide is the perfect place to start for EVERYONE! I trashed my old DSDT.aml that I had done long time ago and went straight through the manual SSDT patching. I ended up loading 6 SSDTs specifically done for my system and boot times are insanely fast (4s). Perfectly stable system, with working WiFi, iMessage, FaceTime and Bluetooth.

First of all: it’s worth it, and USE AN USB FOR THE TRIES. My advice, for whose are trying to migrate from Clover to OpenCore is to ONLY keep your SMBIOS data, such as UUID, Serial and MLB if you previously had working iMessage/FaceTime. I suggest you to do a clean macOS Install, but swapping out the bootloader works too. You should just follow the official guide and MAKE SURE your SSDTs are fine. Then go on with the right ACPI patches (such as device renames) and put the kexts you strictly need. Make sure to use the boot args needed (as alcid, for example) and the proper framebuffer configurations.

I suggest you to boot on Windows first. If you get BSoDs or it doesn’t boot, something is wrong WITH YOUR ACPI CONFIG. It’s a good way for troubleshooting. If your current macOS install boots fine with an OpenCore USB and everything works, you just have to swap the disk EFI folder with the one on the USB. You can use EFIMount for this.

Super ez. If you had already made your custom SSDTs, you don’t have to do the “hard part”. But don’t forget that an entire DSDT.aml becomes pure bloat.

Hope this “feedback” helps someone out there.

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