OpenCore 064 cannot boot LG Gram 17

Got a 17 inches from Costco on sale with 10th Gen i7-1065G7, upgrade RAM to 40GB and switched out the old NVMe M.2 with a 2 TB. Windows and Manjaro worked well. When I tried to install Catalina or Big Sur with OpenCore 064 and all latest kexts as well as custom SSDTs, I cannot get pass this screen:

10:625 00:013 AAPL: [EB|`CS:CSKSD] Err(0xE) @ GV 8D63D4FE-BD3C-4AAD-881D-86FD974BC1DF:boot-info-payload. ......

10:705 00:013 AAPL: [EB|`WL:PWLFNV] Err(0xE) @ GV wake-failure

10:718 00:013 AAPL: [EB|`WL:DT] Err(0xE) @ WL:PWLFNV ......

10:744 00:012 AAPL: [EB|`WL:DT] Err(0xE) @ WL:PWLFRTC ......

10:771 00:013 AAPL: [EB|`LD:OFS] Err(0xE) @ OPEN (System\\Library\\PrelinkedKernels\\prelinkedkernel.development) ......

13:854 00:525 AAPL: [EB|`B:WFDW] Err(0xE), 0 @ LocHB 71B4903C-14EC-42C4-BDC6-CE1449930E49

13:867 00:013 AAPL: [EB|#LOG:DT] 2020-11-19T01:47:33

13:880 00:013 AAPL: [EB|#LOG:EXITBS:START] 2020-11-19T01:47:33

BIOS Settings: CMS Support [No], Fast Boot [Disabled], CFG Lock [Disabled], VT-d [Disabled], Above 4GB MMIO BIOS assignment [Enabled], DVMT Pre-Allocated [64M].

I tried everything listed in https://dortania....#stuck-on-eb-log-exitbs-start

Has anyone experienced similar issues?

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