Can't boot from drive after installing MacOS

So I followed this tutorial to install MacOS Mojave on my pc and everything went fine. After I finished the setup proces, I moved the EFI folder for my CPU to the EFI partition of the drive where Mojave is installed on and I also installed Clover with the settings shown in the tutorial. But from the moment I turn of my pc and turn it back on, I can't boot from the hard drive. It tells me there's no operating system installed. When I try to boot from the USB drive (the one I used to install MacOS), I can boot into clover but my MacOS install is just gone and I have to reinstall MacOS. Can anyone help me with this? I have some knowledge about PC's but it's my first hackintosh.

Pc specs: CPU: Intel i5 4460 GPU: Gigabyte GTX 750 Ti OC edition RAM: 8GB (2x4GB) MB: Gigabyte (don't know the specific model) HDD: 2TB Lacie drive

Also, my screen resolution was stuck at a low 720p-ish resolution and my ethernet didn't work.

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