Specific question regarding dual boot + dual gpu hackintosh build

Hi all,

so my needs is kinda specific and couldn't find any post discussing that (or may be it's just reddit's search that kinda sucks).

My plan is to build a machine with dual boot (possibly triple boot if possible) with Hackintosh + Linux/Windows with Linux having higher priority. Here's the part that I already have (still saving and deciding for the rest):


- 2x32gb ram

- Corsair SF750 psu

- Nvidia GT 710 gpu

- a case that can only fit mitx/micro atx mobo

Still not sure whether to go red or blue. What I want is for the MacOS to use the GT 710 and Linux to use my main GPU (it must be nvidia since i need it for machine learning & deep learning). The problem is that since my case can only fit matx mobo, I want to buy something like this (or this for team blue) so my main gpu can only be put on the main pcie lane (top one) and the gt 710 on the bottom pcie lane (can only put single slot gpu on bottom lane hence the gt 710). So is it possible to disable the main pcie lane while booting macos and disable the secondary lane while booting linux/windows? If it's not possible, is it easier to just go team blue and use igpu for macos and main gpu for other os? thanks a lot for your help. cheers

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