Opencore 0.6.2 can't proceeded with installation, black screen after boot from USB

CPU: Ryzen 1700
GPU: XFX RX580 GTS Black Edition 8GB
Motherboard: Asrock Fatal1ty B450 Gaming-ITX/ac
Monitor: 15 inch, 1024x786 resolution
Using this guide,

Using Windows 10 I follow the guide from the beginning to the end, I run the sanity check and everything checks out, I also watched a couple of youtube videos just to be sure that I didn't miss/mess up anything during the whole process. However when I boot from the USB stick to start the actual installation all I get is a blank/black screen, the display stays on and is getting the signal from the video card but it is completely blank/black.

I think the fact that I'm using a 15 inch, 1024x786 resolution display might be the problem? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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