Dual Xeon e5 2630 v3 Success! Dell Precision 7810 (Issues with Power Management)

Dual Xeon e5 2630 v3 Success! Dell Precision 7810 (Issues with Power Management)

I have always wanted to build a dual Xeon Hackintosh since seeing the insanely powerful Mac Pros of yesteryear. Recently, I managed to score a cheap dual socket computer for around $150, so I decided to take the plunge.


However, I am currently facing some issues with power management. I still am unable to get the X86PlatformPlugin loaded even after spoofing CPUID and using CPUfriend and CPUfriendfriend (refer to screenshot below from IORegistryExplorer. Consequently, my Cinebench score is actually lower after attempting power management than upon initial installation and boot.


Is there anything that I am doing wrong? Would I have to follow the SSDTPRgen method instead? Would love to get that extra oomph for video editing.

My specs are as follows:
CPU: 2X Intel Xeon E5 2630 V3
GPU: Powercolor AMD RX570 Red Devil
Motherboard/Laptop Make and Model: Dell precision 7810
Audio Codec: ALC 3220 (ALC 280)
Ethernet Card: Onboard
Wifi/BT Card: NIL
Touchpad and touch display devices: NIL
BIOS revision: A33

Once the power management issue is resolved, I will post a complete guide!

Thanks in advance!

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