Ryzentosh Success.

Ryzentosh Success.


Hey guys just wanted to share my success with my Ryzentosh to show appreciation to this forum and all you great people who help us along the way.

Cpu: Ryzen 5 3600

Mobo: gigabyte X570 gaming X

Gpu : RX 5700 xt.

Network: Fenvi network card

My installation was a mess and goes against everything we stand for here but I could not get it work any other way. I created a opencore efi to a flashdrive. Then used my macbook to install mac os to another flashdrive plug both flash drives in my pc and clone the flashdrive to the ssd. my problem which I can still not solve is my installation fails on the two mniute remaining mark and crashes. This also happens if I try to update so ive stayed on 10.15.4. Either way besides that I have everything working with full h.246 encoding. Sidecar also doesnt work because its a ryzen cpu so im using duet.

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