Stuck on Installing Catalina with OpenCore 0.5.7

I have spent the last two days trying to get my system to run Catalina. I had previous experience with a Clover installation on this machine and it worked really great on High Sierra. Now I've been following the vanilla guide for my system and unfortunately I can't get past this screen. I have re read the guide multiple times now, and my config.plist should match it exactly, as well as the bios settings but I'm still stuck.

This is what is hanging on:

These are my system specs:

i7 7700K

AsRock Z270M Extreme 4

Samsung 500 GB EVO NVMe drives x2 (1 for windows, other was going to be OSX)

32GB of ram

HD 630

GTX 1080 (applied the dsdt to disable this on mac as well as bootflag)

This is my EFI folder:

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