AzureWave AW-CE123H / Broadcom BCM94352HMB good with 5G wifi and Airpods/BT in Catalina/Mojave?

As the title suggests, I was planning on buying the wifi/BT card from amazon, and since, I would like to confirm that it satisfies my uses, I thought of asking here to confirm that:

a) Does it work fine with the 5G/2.5G internet? Upto what speeds if so?

b) Would it be possible to connect to eduroam wifi? Since, I have had trouble connected any USB wifi, with my university Eduroam wifi.

c) Will the bluetooth work fine, with things like xbox-one controller(for windows) and Apple Airpods(for mac) ?

d) Does hand-off work fine with things like apple watch and airpods? (Like dynamic un-lock, airpods hand-off etc)?

e) Lastly, is it compatible with Catalina? or would I have to be stuck on Mojave for the while?

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