Any suggestions with the parts that I picked?


Im out to build a hackintosh in the coming weeks and was wondering if this part list is optimal? This will be a workstation rig mainly using Davinci Resolve, After Effects, Lightroom + Photoshop, and ui design work in Sketch, Sublime, and Xcode.

PC Part Picker List

Im on the fence whether I should get the 9900K or settle for the relatively cheaper 8900K. Optimum Tech did a comparison and still settled for the 8900.

As for case options, not really sure yet. I dont want any rgb lights and windowed side panels (Why is it so hard to find a mid tower such as this?) . I saw the Duke Pro with their Mac Pro case clone, but not sure how that'd pan out. Maybe a Corsair 275Q (?)

Im currently rocking a 13" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar connected to a 27" and a 24" Ultrasharp screens if you need a background on my current setup. Replacing that 24" with a 4k monitor down the line

Anyway. Any sort of suggestion would definitely help. Thanks!

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