SUCCESSFUL INSTALL on Sony Vaio PCG81112m , Post Install help needed

Hi All,

Happy to report that I've installed Sierra on a Sony Vaio PCG 81112m laptop!

Would like to post this incase it helps others, and also if others can help me.

  • Bluetooth seems to work OOB (haven't connected yet just searched and it finds devices)
  • Working Wifi (thanks to a £4 ebay wifi card)
  • Legacy Clover
  • I'm using a MacbookPro 6,2 SMBIOS, it seemed closes to my processor ( Intel i7 740qm.)

My Outstanding issues I have are

  • Graphics - Laptop has a NVIDIA GT452m chip. I can't boot with a screen without NV_Disable=1. I've tried to force web drivers (I've downloaded and installed these), and NVDIA single boots on Clover, the system restarts.
  • Audio - System Profiler says it's Intel High Definition Audio. It recognises the connections. I've tried nothing to get this working yet, will update this as I do.
  • Battery - Haven't looked into this, will update when I have.
  • About My Mac - I can't get this to load, I've not had much look finding this out yet, mixed responses over forum searches.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'll update this as I learn to fix these issues :)

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