Choosing a Reliable Wi-Fi Card for Dual-Boot Hackintosh Systems


  1. Introduction:

    • Brief overview of the need for a reliable Wi-Fi card that supports both macOS and Windows in dual-boot Hackintosh systems.
  2. Considerations:

    • Factors to consider when selecting a Wi-Fi card, including compatibility with macOS and Windows, driver support, and reliability.
  3. Recommended Wi-Fi Cards:

    • TP-Link Archer T9E: Despite recent issues on Windows, it continues to work reliably on macOS.
    • Broadcom BCM94360CD: Widely recommended for its native support in macOS and compatibility with Windows using Boot Camp drivers.
    • Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200: Known for its stability and performance, with native support in recent versions of macOS and reliable drivers for Windows.
  4. Compatibility and Driver Support:

    • Emphasize the importance of checking compatibility and driver availability for both macOS and Windows when selecting a Wi-Fi card.
    • Recommend researching user experiences and community forums for real-world feedback on Wi-Fi card compatibility and performance.
  5. Installation and Setup:

    • Provide general guidance on installing and setting up a Wi-Fi card in a dual-boot Hackintosh system, including installing drivers on both macOS and Windows partitions.
  6. Troubleshooting:

    • Tips for troubleshooting common issues with Wi-Fi card installation and connectivity on both macOS and Windows platforms.
    • Resources for seeking help and troubleshooting assistance, including online forums and community support groups.
  7. Conclusion:

    • Summary of key points and recommendations for choosing a reliable Wi-Fi card for dual-boot Hackintosh systems.
    • Encouragement to carefully research and select a Wi-Fi card that meets the specific compatibility and performance requirements of the user's setup.

By providing guidance on selecting and installing a reliable Wi-Fi card for dual-boot Hackintosh systems, this guide aims to assist users in achieving seamless connectivity and optimal performance across both macOS and Windows environments.

Recent Wifi cards?

I have used the recommended TP-Link Archer T9E for a couple of years now. Until recently, it has worked very well both in Mac and Windows.

Within Mac, it still works reliably but on Windows.... it simply refuses to connect to my home wifi approx. 30% of the time (it can list the available networks, it just fails to connect), and takes ~4 minutes to connect the remaining 70% of the time.

Since it worked well on Win10, and it works well within Mac, I think the problem is simply the drivers, which were last updated on 2017.

Is there any currently supported card (that works with Windows as well) that is not within its end of life? Any recommended hardware? Or driver?


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