Undetected SCSI optical station: HP PLDS DVDRW DU8AESH

Undetected SCSI optical station: HP PLDS DVDRW DU8AESH


Hi all,

Thanks to OpenCore's excellent documentation and lots of valuable forum posts here and there, I recently managed to set up a very stable HP Z2 G4 (small form factor). Although a little skeptical, I ordered and installed a Yeston RX 560 low profile card - which turned out to actually work out of the box. Wifi with ASUS PCE-AC68 was also plug and play. Thankfully for a newbie like me, things have pretty much been just plug and play, apart from this:

Windows lists the built-in optical station as HP PLDS DVDRW DU8AESH. It's not detected at all when booting to macOS. What's needed to add this to my config? Are there any guides / tips on how to add internal optical drives? Is it at all possible?

Of course not really using it very often, but would just be nice to have working.

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