Problem with starting my Hackintosh

Hello! I'm a bit lost right now. I had my Hackintosh running and working perfectly (except that a few of my programs wouldn't run, but that's a problem for later) and then I tried to install a GTX 960. The computer started but got weird glitching and white stutters, so I tried to find and install the drivers needed, but the problem still occured.

I removed the graphics card and now this is what I see when trying to boot my computer. I see the clover boot screen and click on boot and the load screen comes up, loads pretty slow, and then it just sticks with the image that I linked under.

Anybody have ideas on how to get my Hackintosh running again? (And after that maybe help with the right graphics drivers and maaaybe even how I can manage to install the programs that didn't want to run before)

I have a Asus z97 and a i7 4790, running from a 256gb samsung evo 850.

Thank you dear Hackintosh community ❤️

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