Sometime in the last month I've become plagued by DumpGPURestart and I'm hoping folks can send me in the right direction. Happens playing World of Warcraft.

GA-z370-hd3p, Catalina, RX570, Samsung evo970, battle for Azeroth client: never had this issue.

I've changed quite a bit and can't really pinpoint a date.

Added a Rocket NVME. But the issue still happens booted and using the evo970.

Added an RX5600. haven't tried reverting to the old rx570. I'm using whatevergreen with agpmod=pikera.

installed Shadowlands (WoW) client.

Upgraded to Big Sur on the evo970 but it happens on Catalina and Big Sur.

Now I get it sometimes within 20 minutes and sometimes many hours, seemingly random. It's a client freeze, and sometimes it recovers but often it does not and requires a reboot. DumpGPURestart shows in the console system.log.

Could this be a bad WoW bug? I can try going back to RX570, the randomness and frequency is driving me bonkers. Thanks.

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