Multitouch functionality

So I have my hackintosh pretty stable on the latest version if opencore, my laptop is a thinkpad x1 yoga 1st gen. I have no ssdts that deal with touch or my smbus. Currently I have all gestures working on my touchpad, but my touch screen only works with my stylus. There is no way to turn the stylus off. I have tried a few tools macos touchscreen tools, and none have picked up my touches with my hands. The stylus needs to be pressed really hard to activate a click, which is bothersome. The kexts I have installed for touch, trackpad, and keyboard are as follows: voodoops2controller (keyboard, trackpad), voodooi2c (trackpad and touch), voodooi2csynaptics (trackpad), voodooi2chid (touch), and voodoormi (touch, and trackpad). I have tried turning different combinations off and on, to no avail. Any and all help is welcome (:

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