Trouble booting high Sierra 10.13.6

Hi! I'm facing a really weird issue with my hack running High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G14033).
The issue is that every time I want to boot the system, I have to re-seat the SATA connector to a different slot for some reason, otherwise it would get stuck on one message in verbose (regarding USB power I think) and then after a minute it would panic. I tried to look for a fix on the internet but haven't found anything helpful, could anyone tell me what could be causing this issue?

A piece of information that could be important is that I previously had a perfectly working hack with the same hardware except for the mobo (was an Asus h81m-plus) which had to be replaced, and that my boot loader of choice is Clover (I followed the r/hackintosh vanilla clover guide)

Mobo is a Biostar h81mhv3 (only 1150 board available new in my country)
Cpu is a 4th gen core i3-4170
Gpu is a GTX1050Ti
my storage device is an HDD (might be important)
Everything works just fine when it boots (web drivers work, audio works, even bluetooth works) but this issue keep accouring for an unknown to me reason.

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