xcode with device (unable to install app)

I am running Big Sur 11.1 with OC 0.6.2 on X240. Also I installed xcode 12.4 and have free dev account. Bought used Iphone 7 (ios 14.3) with damaged baseband (hw issue). I am unable to run app that builds in xcode on iphone 7. Provisioning profiles all set fine, iphone is visible in xcode devices. Error message I get is exactly this as OP got https://www.reddit.com/r/iOSProgramming/comments/irtex0/there_was_an_error_communicating_with_your_device/. I will get other iphone soon to see if its device issue. Have any of you encountered this and how did you solve it? Btw app runs fine in simulator.

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