Troubleshooting slow wake up from sleep on B360M-A OpenCore

Hi all!

I've recently switched the motherboard in my Hacknitosh running Big Sur, I moved from Gigabyte B360M H to ASUS Prime B360M-A. I pursued better USB ports and 4 DIMMs, and I got it. But after setting up Hackintosh again and experimenting with numerous UEFI settings, I still have one trouble: waking up from sleep takes too long.

On Gigabyte board, it was usually 2-3 seconds to wake up, exactly as it should be on a modern x86 PC (with monitor waking up too). And it definitely slept in real S3 mode, not stayed on.

On ASUS, waking up from real sleep usually takes between 8-10 seconds. HDD indicator does not blink until ~5 seconds into waking up process (the system is on NVMe drive and no other drives are present). I've got latest UEFI firmware.

I've tried to fiddle with PCIe ASPM settings, but these didn't change anything. I've tried to mess around with other parameters like USB Legacy support, but that didn't help either. This is happening with both AWAC and RTC timer; on both, macOS produces RTC errors on this board, but for the time being I suppress them with disabling "wait for F1 if error" setting, and I doubt it affects sleep much.

OpenCore was set up with the usual vanilla guide, I've did most of the stuff in post-install section too, and I'd easily call this Hack 90% complete. Sleep is the only matter left to resolve.

Any advice would be appreciated, maybe some UEFI settings to change or things in config.plist to try. Thanks.

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