Open Core Picker does not show my Windows made MacOs Recovery

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening (Take whatever you want xD)

I 've been trying to install MacOs on my Pc since the past month and I seem to have bad luck. I used Dortania's opencore guide, on Windows 10, and have created a Usb which should be bootable (cause I have read the whole guide like 5 times) and the opencore picker does not show the Install MacOs Option

So, I chose the First option, which is creating the installer in MacOs and I don't even get my USB as an bootable UEFI. So, if anyone has encountered this issue and solved it, please help me, It would be great

Pc Specs: i5 - 2400 (Sandy Bridge) Some Dell motherboard of Dell Optiplex 790 (Intel Q65 Chipset) Amd Radeon 7770 HD GHZ Edition

All the kexts I have do work with my Pc, and all the hardware is compatible too.

Thank you in advance :)

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