My hack not booting. Clover. Wanna start over with OpenCore. Little help?

Build: -ASUS ROG Strix H370-I

-i5-8400 cpu

-GT 710 video card

-32Gb ddr4 ram

-Samsung 1tb ssd

It’s been running Clover since day 1, which is a few years ago now. I noticed over time, it started booting slower and slower and today, upon booting up, it gets to the Clover screen which usually shows my drive(s), but it’s all blank, besides the Clover logo at the top.

Rebooted multiple times. Same result.

I did do a back up with Carbon Copy Cloner about a year ago, so I’m not really losing much data since then, but I figured Clover is dead now, so might as well move on over to OpenCore.

I looked over on how to start, but I wanted to see if my build will work under OpenCore as well as Mojave.

Any links to my build to make doing OpenCore a bit easier would be welcome!

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