T480s Big Sur 11.0.1 with OpenCore 0.6.x on WWAN SSD.

*means important operations.

CPU: i5 8250U

RAM: 8GB onboard + 16GB Samsung DDR4 2666(Run in 2400).

GPU: UHD620(fully) + MX150(need to disable in boot-arg or it will cause brightness control problems)*

Wireless Card: DW1560(Replaced, WIFI & Bluetooth fully work), AX210(Original, Airportitwlm 1.1.0 didn't support)

SSD: Samsung PM981(Win10)(Main), WD SN520(Big Sur)(WWAN, with PCIe 3.0x1)

Display: LG 2560*1440, HiDPI working normally

Dual system on two drives respectively, booting with no problem.

Note: OpenCore 0.6.4 will cause "OC: Failed to load configuration" problem on booting, I found the solution which is replaced the BOOTx64.efi with the version 0.6.2 one*, both bootstrap.efi & OpenCore.efi are remain ver 0.6.4, and hibernation is work normally. Final, as known that fingerprint isn't support, front camera seems isn't work.

The functions I haven't tested:

  1. HDMI output.
  2. Micro SD reader.
  3. Smart Card reader.
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