Intel nuc 8i5 bluetooth issue with non-Apple devices AC9560 - 0x9df0

Hi all, I've installed hackintosh this night on my just arrived Intel Nuc 8i5.

Everything went flawlessy, so flawlessy that I've started thinking where the problems would came out.

Here it is, bluetooth works pretty fine, i can find every single on-pair bluetooth device in my home but I can connect only to Apple ones.

If I try to connect my mouse or my keyboard it says connected with loading spin bar on the right and after a few seconds it brings back the device in the searching field.

I've made a quick video about my issue.

I'm currently running:

Open Core 0.6.4
Big sur 11.1
I've tried AirportItlwm and itlwm, never together as written on their documentations.

Is it a known issue? It's strange that I can connect in a blink to apple devices.


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