Help updating hackintosh

I'm using macOS high sierra, and i followed the opencore guide at to make it.
im running Opencore 0.6.1, and my smbios is MacPro6,1
i have shaneee's patch for AMD GPU's installed as well

I want to update it to big sur, but i'm afraid i might break something.
Is there anything i should do before updating? and how should i update?
Is it possible to keep data & files while updating?
im kinda new to hackintoshing and ive never updated a hackintosh before

my system is running
ASUS b450-f Gaming
Ryzen 5 2600
RX 580
Samsung 860 EVO 250 GB
16GB generic ddr4 2400

Also, its probably worth noting that i'm still using the USB to boot rather then installing opencore on the ssd. I know how to put it on the ssd but i prefer not to

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