Hackintoshing an Intel Celeron N400 Laptop

Hello everyone

I've been in the Hackintoshing World for 3 years now, and I have done a lot of hacks from Kabylake to Yorkfield, but recently I had a Celeron laptop (that's not mine) and I wanted to make an hackintosh from it, so I've made some research about how we can hackintosh this type of machine. I knew it wasn't going to be easy and I was not mistaken, it's not even compatible, but I didn't loose hope, I've seen on some forum that it could be possible with some fake id and a lot of work, so do someone in this subreddit know how to work with Celeron Processor and IGPU (no AMD or Nvidia dGPU), there's the specs, and thank you for your help


CPU : Intel Celeron N4000

GPU : Intel UHD Graphics 600

Ram : 8gb DDR4

Storage : 128Gb SSD

PS : I can use both OpenCore and Clover, it doesn't matter, the only thing that matter for me is the MacOS Version it could handle

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