Hackintosh vs Virtual Machine?

I love linux, but I dont have many apps that are only avaiable on Macos or Win, for my professional work environment.

But I am done, forced from Apple to buy the new hardware every year!! Thats sucks!

First, I was thinking of building a h4ck1nt0sh, and then I bought a Intel Nuc8i5bek.

Then I came up on a youtube video: the guy was running macos, inside of linux. I couldn't believe it!

How would you compare a h4ck1nt0sh vs a VM inside linux? Which would be the compromise and Which are the flaws? How would you compare, the level of security, VM vs h4ck1nt0sh?

I just love the fact you have a running os (Linux), and a windowed os (macos), which you can switch back and forth.

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