Opencore boot Issue - Gigabyte Z490 - 5700xt

G'day guys, I created my install USB using opencore but when I boot up the opencore menu appears for 15 seconds then disappears and i'm left with a blank screen. When i hit install Catalina before it disappears it goes straight to a blank screen also. I have added 'agdpmod=pikera' to boot-arg for my 5700xt and i'm pretty sure my BIOS settings are correct, CSM support disabled, i am using SMBIOS iMac 20,1 but i have also tried some older iMac ones none of which worked.

Other than reading through the opencore guide i am also using this video guide as he has the same mohterboard. -

Hardware setup:

MoBo - Gigabyte Z490 Gaming X

Intel Core i5 10400

Gigabyte 5700xt Gaming OC

Hyper X Fury RGB 2x8GB 3200

(Weird CPU to go with these parts i know just go with it)

i have gone over the config file and i'm not sure where i have gone wrong, please let me know what other information might be useful to post here.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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