Help with hackintosh ( please )

Okay so this is a long one, but thought I’d fully explain.

I’ve been trying to setup my desktop PC as a hackintosh now for a week I’d say. I bought a new ssd and some usb sticks and was good to go. My hardware is all compatible but here’s a list anyway; Cpu: AMD FX6300 Black Edition Gpu: Asus nvidia Gtx770 Motherboard: ASRock 985GM-GS3 Memory: 16GB DDR3

I started with the opencore guide for legacy booting on my pc, however when I ran into bootstrapping issues I was advised to try it on my MacBook. I then tried to setup on my MacBook but also ran into “Boot mismatch, Boot error’ codes when trying to get into opencore.

I also received help and control from anydesk from multiple users of the hackintosh discord and still no one was able to find out what the issue was.

My question to anyone reading this is what are my options for being able to get MacOS up and running ? Any help would be greatly appreciated and would be forever in your debt as starting to feel hopeless over here 👍🏻 thanks in advance

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