Big Sur Microstutter issue with Navi GPU (5700XT) and Coffee Lake

Hello Everyone,

I had just upgraded my GPU from GTX Titan X Maxwell to a 5700XT couple days ago to finally be able to upgrade from High Sierra to the latest operating system.

I created my MacOS installer and installed it. Everything seems to be working fine with the exception of

  1. DRM (Netflix, Apple TV, Quicktime). In Quicktime, I can run the test and will hear the audio however no video. In Netflix, it throws an error code at me and in Quicktime, It opens the file however does not play. However, I can view a prime video trial without an issue.
  2. Microstutter issue. Every 5 seconds or so, my operating system will freeze or hang for a millisecond and continue. I have recorded a video of this and will link it further below..


Other than that, Everything works flawlessly including Sidecar (with the exception of Airdrop due to lack of PCI bluetooth card.)

Currently, I have iGPU enabled in BIOS as it seems like it is needed for SideCar to function properly.

I believe both these issues are related to each other. Things I have tried include :

  1. Reinstalling WEG and Lilu Kext
  2. Enabling and Disabling iGPU from Motherboard
  3. Changing Displayport ports. (I am currently running 2 monitors both hooked up via DisplayPort to the GPU
  4. Using a different mouse as some have reported the mouse causing the issue.
  5. Adding a "5700XT SSDT" from one of the users here which didn't seem to change anything
  6. Editing some of the config.plist to test different options.

My current Specs : iMac 5K 2019 (19,1), 8700K, 64GB DDR4 3200, Gigabyte Z370 Ultra Gaming 2.0, MSI 5700XT OC, 500GB NVME (Boot drive) [USING OPENCORE 6.3.0]

It doesn't affect functionality however it is quite frustrating for it to happen every few seconds.

I will also link my EFI folder below if someone can quickly have a look and discover any issues. I am not exactly sure whether this is a GPU related issue as others have reported something similar or whether this is a issue with the OS or its an issue with my config.plist/kexts.


Thank you!

UPDATE : Updated to Opencore 6.4.0 and Apple TV seems to work and the quicktime mp4 file works. Stutter issue seems to be gone however netflix is the only remaining one not working.

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