OpenCore 0.6.3 MYVOLUME unable to boot into Mavericks installer

Hello, I have previously used multibeast in 2014 to get my GA-z77-UD3H, 3570K, GTX 570 to work with Mavericks.

I'd like to use mavericks so I got a recovery image, dragged DMG and RecoveryImage.chunklist into into folder on FAT32 partition called MYVOLUME.

I followed all the steps for creating the EFI, this guide, and updating the config.plist with ProperTree. cmd shift r

EFI and logs download:

Error on screen before the OpenCore v0.6.2 Intel Ivy Bridge Desktop Sanity Check:

EFI updated so that there's no errors in OpenCore v0.6.2 Intel Ivy Bridge Desktop Sanity Check, however before I was able to see the lines of code and now it says insert bootable drive when i select UEFI kingston data traveller or opencore in the boot menu. (it goes up to opencore 0.6.2 and i used 0.6.3)

The boot args are: -v keepsyms=1 debug=0x100 alcid=1I've been trying since the 18th without able to reach the installer.


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