Help with Google Pixelbook i7 and OpenCore

I'm diving in to uncharted waters by doing this on a Pixelbook, but I think it would make an amazing hackbook.

My specs are as follows:

  • CPU: i7-7Y75 x4
  • GPU: Intel HD615
  • Chipset: Google Eve (more detailed info in text dump)
  • Audio Codec: Intel Sunrise Point-LP HD Audio
  • Network Controller: Intel Wireless 7265 (I plan on trying this kext to make it work)
  • Drive Model: Samsung NVMe 512GB

I'm completely new to OpenCore. I went through the OpenCore guide for Kaby Lake laptops, but I think I'm stuck at a "Info.plist is missing for injected kext AppleALC.kext (Audio patches)" message when booting the installer. So, I can tell that it doesn't like something that I've done (or not done) with my audio kext, but I'm not sure how to get more information about it to find a fix. Can anyone help me get past this?

Thank you for any help anyone can provide and I will post detailed specs, logs, and my config.plist in a pastebin link in the comments below.

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