Completely disabling dGPU / NVME drive

Completely disabling dGPU / NVME drive

Currently my laptop consumes 22.1W w/ turbo boost disabled. This is way too much.

  • Display takes about 5W
  • CPU takes about 3.7W
  • Maybe some other things overall total should take <4W

This laptop has 97Wh of battery, and I've easily seen 6hr+ time on using windows. On current settings my


So, I tried disabling dGPU, but it didn't work.

  • Two methods mentioned by rehabman: calling _OFF on _INI / _REG: → doesn't work
  • Bumblebee method mentioned on dortania: calling _DSM with _PS3 → doesn't work.

I don't know where to go from now on. I know 22W is not that high PC watts (My macbook pro 2015 runs on that wattage), but I think mac could do better.



NVMe slot is still in L1 (full-power mode). NVME takes about 5W if not power-controlled, so this could be an issue. This drive is not compatible with hackintosh (tried nvmefix), so I've disabled it w/ classcode matching.



btw, power management for CPU works. This isn't a problem.


What do you think I could do next? Thanks for reading :)

SSDT + ioreg here

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