[SUCCESS!!!] Big Sur with OC 0.6.1 on Skylake with Z170N-wifi

[SUCCESS!!!] Big Sur with OC 0.6.1 on Skylake with Z170N-wifi


OK, so there are some qualifiers to that "SUCCESS". More on that below.

CPU: i7 6700K SkylakeGPU: Radeon RX 580RAM: 16 GB Ballistix 2400 MHz DDR4Motherboard/Laptop Make and Model: Z170N-WiFiAudio Codec: ALC 1150Ethernet Card:Wifi/BT Card: Broadcom BCM4352Which of the guides on the sidebar you used. Originally, I used Dortania OpenCore but then used OC-Tool for 0.6.1What's working, and what isn't working.


  • ethernet
  • GPU
  • USB
  • iServices

Not Working:

  • Wifi
  • Bluetooth is a little wonky. It's showing Bluetooth as an option, but I'm not seeing any bluetooth devices.

Initially, when I ran OC-tool, it said it couldn't read SSDT-EC.aml, so I ran it again and just ignored it. I tried rebooting without my ACPI folder, which obviously was a fail. I ran OC-Tool again fresh, manually copied in my ACPI folder and then edited my updated config.plist file to change all the SSDT files to "True".

For those wondering where to find OC 0.6.1, I had to use OC-tool to actually make MAKE 0.6.1 using the config.plist file from my current 0.6.0 EFI folder. OC-tool is on Github. Just look for that.

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