RTX 30 Series and Hackintosh

With Nvidia’s new release of 30 series GPU’s (3070, 3080, and 3090 respectively) at quite compelling price points I was curious of everyone’s thoughts and how they pertain to the Hackintosh community.

First impressions were strong as the release unfolded; Price to performance in these newer cards were incredibly surprising and for a lot of PC gamers this is one of the most “justifiable” nvidia upgrade in a long time. I myself was even excited, someone who has NEVER been team green.

Nvidia’s release got me really anxious what AMD is going to bring to the table with their next gen GPU’s given the promises for next gen consoles.

Some questions to be had for open discussion:

Is it worth the hackery that comes with Nvidia cards installed in a hackintosh to patch graphics output through another dGPU or just deal with multiple inputs/swapping cables depending what boot OS

Do we think next gen AMD gpu’s will have out of the box support from apple and will their reliability be carried over to opencore in a similar fashion to current gen cards?

Is anyone possibly taking a break from Mac OS to enjoy the full gaming experience on windows with these new cards and without hassle?

Sorry for the long read, just had a lot on my mind about it and wanted to hear some thoughts :)

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