Help with touchpad and keyboard

Hi, I have a problem with the touchpad (Elan) and the keyboard. Until now, when I was still using Clover, I was using appleps2smattouchpad.kext. Every now and then he gave me some problems and he didn't seem to want to know about gestures, maybe with Mojave he took some wrong. However I am looking for a solution. I also tried another kext, a modified version of the VoodooPS2 ( this supported gestures but it was, I don't even know how to describe it exactly unstable. I try to explain myself better. As long as you just moved the cursor and made a few simple clicks, all right As soon as you tried to scroll the cursor, for example, it went crazy and made it almost impossible for you. I also mentioned a problem with a keyboard, albeit a minor one. I have an Italian layout and an Italian keyboard but some keys do not corrode (for example "\") and I cannot use shortcuts, such as copy and paste. Also I can't adjust the brightness (keys F11 and F12 it seems to me) from the keyboard, while the volume does Can someone help me? Or at least have some ideas? Thanks in advance

CPU: Intel core i5 4th GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4400 RAM:12GB dual channel Laptop model:Lenovo G50-70 Audio codec:AppleAlc Ethernet card:RTL8211 Guides:official OpenCore dorotania documentation Config files: config.plist self-made

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