iMac19,1 i9-9900K Turbo boost not working

iMac19,1 i9-9900K Turbo boost not working

I 've been having my Hack for around 10 months now, and was using a Gigabyte z390 Aorus Pro motherboard with an i9-9900K.

I wanted to switch to an ITX form factor and was not interested in overclocking so I switched the motherboard with a Gigabyte B360N WIFI. I re-did the whole EFI using the Dortania guide (kept iMac19,1 SMBIOS but with different Serial / MLB / ROM / UUID but set according to the guides.

The weird issue is that although with the previous motherboard, the CPU was hitting turbo frequencies when requested, now it doesn't.

Steps taken:

- Disabled CGF Lock on B360N Wifi (I had it disabled on the Aorus as well) and set the related quirks to NO on config.plist

- Flashed F15a (latest UEFI Bios FW version), no change, flashed back F13, no change.

- Tried setting Turbo Boost to Enabled instead of Auto on the UEFI Bios, no change.

This is what Intel Power Gadget shows (random stuff doing on the Hack:

And this is what is shows when I run Tests -> Maximum Frequency:

Any help will be appreciated

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