GA-Z270P-D3 with Intel HD 630 got green tint with Whatever Green (HDMI)

So I've tried this:

which I failed because I don't have the password to the 7z files and I don't read Russian.

I then tried:

and failed, it doesn't seem to do anything (my VGA device is still the same in IOReg, the config doesn't seem to do anything)

I tried whatever green 1.4.0 and 1.4.2 and both of them failed with different kinda colors, both weird.

I also tried different monitors the same result (prob has nothing to do with the hardware anyways).

I also tried fakeSMC and virtualSMC both the latest luck.

How did you get your GA-Z270P-D3 with Intel HD 630 (7700K) to work?

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