NVRAM does not work with Opencore 0.6.0 (Catalina, Intel300 series)

Hello everyone.

I used SSTD-PMC.aml to use NVRAM with Open Core 0.5.9. It works well.

However, when I use Open Core 0.6.0 with SSDT-PMC.aml, NVRAM variables disappear after reboot.

To clarify the problem, I recreated ACPI and applied it, and kext applied the release version and the latest build, but the problem did not change.

My computer: i7-8700,ASUS PRIME H370-A/CSM,16GB,MSI RX-570 8G OC,Pionner BD-209(Patched)

The respective EFIs are listed below. (Platform has been remade, so you can use it as it is.)



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