Hello i want to install a mac vm that i can get apple arcade games on

Ive never had a mac so im a noob but i want to install a vm of a mac on vmware pro with the host being an windows 7 pc. I do not have a connection to the internet but downloading the mac iso would not be a problem. I want the mac version that can install and run apple arcade games.

My specs: Gpu: intel hd 610

Cpu:Intel pentium gold 4417U

Ram: 4gb

Storage: a 500 gb hhd (i have both windows 7 and windows 10 installed)

Internet connection: not avalable on pc but i do have data on my phone so i could install the iso and put it on my pc

:fetures: i want it to have decent preformance if possible and i want it to be able to download wnd install apple arcade games and function like a normal mac Sorry for noobiness!

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