[HELP] - Various issues with Hackintosh

Hello there!

I successfully have installed macOS Catalina (10.15.6) onto my HP Pavillion 15-au063nr laptop using OpenCore.
So far, the three USB ports on the laptop, the PS/2 keyboard and trackpad (the latter is buggy, more on that later in this post), and the inbuilt display (Intel Graphics 520) work. What doesn't work (in order of priority) is the WiFi chip (Intel AC 7260) , the trackpad (A Synaptics PS/2 device), the battery readout, and the audio (don't care if this works or not, it's a nice to have though.

I am using a combo of usr-sse2's Black80211-Catalina and the OpenIntelWireless itwlm kext for the WiFi card. This pairing worked great during the install process, I was able to connect to my WiFi network and go through the install without any issues! It was also detected as a WiFi card using the network utility in the installation menu. After installing and initializing the setup, macOS did not detect my WiFi card. I set it up using the "This Mac does not connect to the internet" option in the hopes that it would be initialized after it was fully setup. That did not hold true either. Network Utility does not detect it as a WiFi chip (but it detects an "Ethernet port," which is curious considering I did not install the kexts for my Ethernet port; I tried using Heliport to resolve it, didn't work).

Regarding the trackpad, I am using the Voodoo PS2 Controller kext (as outlined in the OpenCore guide). The trackpad itself works (I can move around my mouse), but when it comes time to click something, it right clicks. Every. Single. Time. I can even switch the default button in the macOS Settings, and it will not affect a thing. The trackpad submenu in the Settings app does not recognize the trackpad either.

The battery readout doesn't work out of the box using VirtualSMC and SMCBatteryManager, so I'd like to know if there is any way I can fix it. As for the audio, I didn't install the kext (partly because I can use my AirPods for that functionality).

Thank you in advance for your help!!

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