OpenCore no iGPU DP

My hardware is i7 10700k, Asus z490-i, Asus strix 1080. I am using 3 displays (same model) - those have vga, HDMI and dvi inputs. On Windows I plug them to dgpu, currently via 2 HDMI and one dp->dvi. On Mac I was only able to use one HDMI from dgpu.

Since I want to have more displays on Mac since Monday I'm trying to get at least HDMI+dp working. When I disconnect all cables from dgpu and only attach HDMI to Mobo it works. If I use dp to dvi it boots but image cuts off on apple logo 50%. If I leave one HDMI in dgpu and one in Mobo black screen after OpenCore picker.

I've disabled dgpu via device properties option. In bios I enabled multi iGPU display and set default to CPU graphics. I started from this config: And changed smbios and few other things as per dortania tutorial. I'm not experienced enough so I'm blindly trying various things with no luck.

The end goal would be to have 3 displays plugged into 1080 (for windows) and at least two into Mobo (for Mac). I am considering additional dp splitter that would allow me to hook up two displays into one port (extended displays) - but I'm not sure if Mac or Mobo can handle that.

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