ASUS ProArt 10700k Hackintosh in a Mac Pro Case for video editing

ASUS ProArt 10700k Hackintosh in a Mac Pro Case for video editing

In the last weeks I've been working on my first Hackintosh and I'm finally able to post it as a success.I needed a new Workstation for Video editing with DaVinci Resolve and i thought of buying the new Mac Pro but 6000$ was to much for me so I started exploring the Hackintosh Universe and started with the plans for my first build.

My Hardware:

Mainboard: ASUS ProArt z490

CPU: Intel i7 10700k (8x3.8GHz)

RAM: 32GB (2x 16GB 2666MHz Kingston HyperX)

GPU: AMD Radeon VII 16GB + iGPU

Fenvi T919 Wifi/Bluetooth Card

1TB m.2 SSD

Because the Machine is going to be used for DaVinci Resolve witch relies heavily on GPU performance I built my rig around the AMD Radeon VII witch is currently the most powerful GPU that is supported natively by macOS. Then i chose the Intel i7 10700k and the ASUS ProArt z490 Creator Mainbord.The hole thing should be housed in a Mac Pro 1,1 Case wich is in my opinion the most beautiful PC Tower ever made.I converted the Mac Pro Case to a ATX Case with the ATX Conversion Kit by laserhive ( .

First I had to put out everything of the Mac Pro and then i started cutting the Back to install the Backplate from Laserhive. To power the Hackintoh I chose the Corsair HX1000 PSU, my rig should use about 750W but with a 1000W PSU I'm able to install a second GPU if I need more power in the future.On the Image below you can also see the Mounting Plate for the ATX Mainboard wich mounts to the screws from the top shelf and is able to hold every standard ATX Board.

Backplate and ATX Mainboard Plate installed

The next Step was to install the Mainboard (ASUS ProArt z490) with the CPU (Intel i7 10700k) and the 32GB of RAM (2x 16GB Kingston HyperX DDR4). To coole the CPU I chose the bequiet! Dark Rock Pro 4

CPU, Cooler and RAM installed

I wanted to keep the original Mac Pro fans in the front push the Air throw to the back like it was designed originally. The original Mac fans can be connected directly to Mainboard but need to be changed to DC in the BIOS Settings.

Then i booted via my Opencore USB Stick and started the installation. I had a few problems but could solve all of them with the help of the community from reddit and the german hackintosh forum.

The first error i got during the installation was the >Forcing CS Runtime...< witch was a problem with the GPU so I took it out and tried it with the iGPU.

Forcing CS_Runtime Error Code

Then the installation got stuck at a Kernel Panic because of the Intel Audio.

Kernel panic

I disabled the Intel Audio in the BIOS and then I was able to install macOS but without my Radeon VII and without onboard Audio. Then a great guy from the german hackintosh forum saved my live and solved all of the problems with the kernel panics. You can find the thread here:

I just had to change some things in the config.plist

Then my config.plist was finally done and i could reboot the system and enabled the Intel Audio in the BIOS and installed the Radeon VII and finally everything worked.

I'm still waiting for my Fenvi T919 Wifi/Bluetooth Card so thats not working so far but I have a wired Keyboard and Mouse until I can finally use my Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard.

If you have questions about the process or want to get my EFI just send me a message. It's my first build so I'm not an expert but I try to help as much as I can.

Thanks to everybody of the Hackintosh Community!

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