Will Apple's shift from Intel Chips to their own pose a problem to the Hackintosh Community?

Apple just announced that they are going to switch from Intel CPUs to their own whithin two years. There are many people online, voicing their speculations, expectations and concerns in this regard.

I just built my first Hackintosh in January on an AMD CPU - I'm very happy; the process went so smooth with OC - and would describe myself as a power user, but when it comes to anything beneath the level of the OS, in this regard especially hardware-software communication, I'm actually quite illiterate. So I would like to ask the more knowledgable people on here, whether this transition poses a treat to hackintosh building. My concern stems from the fact that macOS only runs on a limited range of CPUs. Nowadays this is not much of a problem as there are awesome guides online that tell you which ones are compatible and - in this matter more importantly - these CPUs are readily available for everyone. Of course, the transition phase is long and the Hackintosh Developers are quite crafty. But what if Apple finds a way to strictly bind their OS to their chips? Their CPUs will (and are) most certainly not be available to buy anywhere. (There is room for a conspiracy theory here. ;P)

Maybe my concern is to be dismissed as Apple isn't able to limit their OS to Intel chips alone right now... But I wouldn't know. So, please, enligthen me! Any answers are appreciated! Links to articles to this topics, too.

EDIT - one more question: Will current Hackintosh machines - that is with a CISC/x86 CPU - be able to run a OS witten for RISC/ARM CPUs?

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