AMD Hackintosh.. Help?

Hi there,

So basically, I'm trying to get Hackintosh (Catalina) working for my AMD system; HOWEVER, every time I've tried, it either skipped the USB into Windows or it never showed up in the UEFI section where it was supposed to. After my original test earlier yesterday afternoon, I was successful in getting it into UEFI, but multiple other tests afterwards have since then failed to do so. I have followed the guide on accordingly via both the Windows/macOS install (Hackintosh VM) for Desktop, but have yet to see anything good happen. Any help would be appreciated with this!

Please note that this is my first time working with Hackintosh. OpenCore is what I have been using in order to get stuff working.

My system:

CPU: AMD FX-6350 Six-Core Processor (Bulldozer) GPU: NVidia Quadro K1200 Storage: SK Hynix 250GB SSD, 2x1TB WD HDDs (Black and Leaf Green) Motherboard: MSI 970a-G43 PLUS with ClickBIOS 4 RAM: Dominator 2x8GB Sticks, 1x4GB Patriot VIPER Stick Power Supply: ThermalTake SMART M850W 
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