OpenCore 0.5.9 AMD hackintosh can't sleep

CPU: AMD R5 3600

GPU: Yeston RX580 2304SP

Motherboard: MSI B450 MOTAR MAX

Memory: G.skill 3200 C16 8x2 OC to 3600 C20

Disk: WD SN550 1T

OS version: macOS 10.15.5

OpenCore version: 0.5.9

With macOS10.15.3 and OpenCore 0.5.6 it can't sleep at all. The screen goes black and back again after 1 second on "sleep" is clicked.

Now I 've upgraded to macOS10.15.5 with OpenCore 0.5.9, the issue is like this, the screen goes to sleep but CPU and GPU are still running, and then the keyboard and mouse die too and nothing can call the computer back again. Then I have to press the physical "restart" button.

I've checked the manual but can't figure out how to solve it. Thanks.

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