My 2014 PC (since upgraded) is now a 2014 iMac (running Catalina)

My 2014 PC (since upgraded) is now a 2014 iMac (running Catalina)

Excuse the shoddy image quality...

CPU: i7-4790
GPU: RX 570 (AsRock-made)
RAM: 24 GB DDR3 - the weird number is because I had two 4 GB DIMMs and bought two extra 8 GB DIMMs
Motherboard: Asus Z97-K
Audio Codec: Realtek® ALC 887 (onboard)
Ethernet Card: Realtek® 8111GR (onboard)
Wifi: none (using a range extender atm)
Bluetooth: Orico Nano USB Bluetooth 4.0 dongle
BIOS revision: latest @ posting date

The Dortania OpenCore guide gave me pretty much all the info I needed.
Sound + networking worked right off the bat with the respective Kexts. Haven't tried anything graphically intensive yet. It doesn't seem like sleeping is working? I'm not too bothered atm, will investigate later

I'm gonna be doing iOS development for a university project. I'm actually thinking I might make macOS my daily driver - it feels refreshing after years getting sick of Windows 10 😂

I would just like to say thank you very much to all the people who have worked on OpenCore, Kexts, guides, etc. - Hackintoshing is really easy these days and my mind is blown how it all just works with very few hitches.

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