It really helps to re-read the guide and keep up with OpenCore’s changelogs every 2-3 months

What it says in the title.

I’m a bit obsessed with tweaking and messing around with my Hack (especially since it’s my primary work machine), so I hover around this sub everyday even though I successfully built my system way back in September.

I’d also made the shift to OpenCore sometime in November, and stuck with it since.

Despite these, I completely missed Slav’s post that announced native NVRAM support for Z390 chipsets, and a couple minor tweaks for Polaris GPUs that were enabled a couple months ago.

Point is, it really helps to keep tabs on the goings-on in the Hackintosh community, as you never know when old annoyances can get rectified, or if certain things break and everyone’s on the same page regarding it.

I’d recommend using Pager for this, an app that notifies you of certain reddit posts based on custom filters you set. Would make tracking the announcement flair easier. :)

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