Can't figure out DRM - everything else works

Hey Everyone!

I have a new build up and running and have everything I need working:
- iMessage & iCloud stuff
- ThunderBolt 3 –haven't tried hot-plug, but don't need it
- Handoff/Continuity markup
- HW acceleration
- Wifi/BT -> I'm using an AC adapter from an older MBP with a NGFF adapter, works OOB

The one thing I can't get to work is DRM. Nothing plays. I followed the OpenCore Desktop Guide to the best of my abilities. I have double checked my config.plist a hundred times.I have iGPU disabled and SMBIOS as iMacPro with a 5700xt.
The weird thing is I just moved over to z490 from z370 and DRM worked perfectly with the same GPU and iMacPro profile. I rebuilt my EFI from scratch and compared the config to the old one, and can't figure out the issue.
I have sikigva set to 128 and I'm sure my pcie path to the GPU is correct. I also tried adding powerplaytables to my gpu to control the fans and that gets injected perfectly.

What am I missing? Do I have to configure something other than DeviceProperties in config.plist?I'm trying by creating the path to my GPU under DeviceProperties/Add as dictionary and put shikigva with a value of 128. I can't find if there is something missing...

Thanks for any help!

System details:

- AsRock Phantom Gaming z490 ITX/TB3
- i9 10900k
- Sapphire Nitro+ 5700xt
- Native Apple Wifi/BT card

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