how do you interpret "no schema" error?

how do you interpret "no schema" error?


I've updated Catalina to 10.15.5 and OC 0.5.6 to 0.5.9 for GUI boot menu

I was getting "no schema" for ACPI and some other entries where OC constantly re-generated "block" entries at first, which is obsolete entries in 0.5.9.

The re-generation of old "block" entries were solve with updating kexts.

I'm down to one "no schema" error where it says,

OCS: No schema for Protocols at 7 index, context <UEFI>!

and here's the screen shot of the line at question(I think?)

Is the error indicating I have a broken(or irrelevant) entry with "AppleSmclo"?

Will I be OK to just remove the line?

here's link to my google drive of zipped EFI folder.

many thx in advance

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